Exam tea party

It is a well-known fact that nowadays you’ll hear millions of students’ stories concerning the difficulties they encounter during their studies, and I have no intention of saying that my story stands out from the rest, but I do hope that the ones meant to hear it, will, and that it will raise awareness to that target group. It’s a small critique of the professors, but also an indicator for illustrating what NOT to do when you are, or you wish to become a part of the academic world, and be an example for your students.

Well, to begin with my story, I was getting ready for this exam for two weeks, I put everything and everyone else aside, and focused just on the subject matter. Then, I went to take the exam and I was happy there were only fifteen students. I said to myself, yay, there won’t be any problems, and it will be impossible for people that intended to cheat to ask me questions (I don’t care if this sounds nerdy, nor if you are one of those students who like to cheat on exams, in my opinion academic dishonesty should be punished severely). Continue reading