From Sustainable to Smart!

Sustainability was one of the hot topics at the first day of the Challenge:Future Summit 2013. Nadya Zhexembayeva, C:F Vice president reflected on how the world is getting tired of the word itself and that actually something new is going on! From green to smart; are “resourcefulness”, “infinity” or “overfished ocean strategy” to replace “sustainable”? We live amidst remarkable transformation. The linear throw-away economy of today – where we extract the resources, process them, use them barely once, and trash them immediately like a cheap plastic fork – is coming to and end. We are, simply put, running out of things to mine and places to trash. And in the same time a new economy is being born.

A new book is being prepared on this matter in fact! Stay updated on it HERE5820d42decc50b1e8fde05204516fa0d

The world is looking for smart products now! 

For instance this one, a washing machine that works without electricity, that saves times and efforts, that is super fast. Furthermore, the effects are: reduced water pollution and less use of materials.

sustainable washing machine

What are your thoughts on this? Do you know any other super-smart product? Post it in a comment bellow!