This is the Willy Wonka of Agriculture – The Farmery!

Do you know that the food we consume must go through a big journey in order to get to the shelves of the stores? What if this entire system can be consolidated into one site?

Ben Greene, the inventor and founder of the Farmery is an example of a man who thinks green! He has a really nice idea that entails sustainable and economical thinking, and that is growing and selling produce on the same site. His aim is to open up Farmeries in urban neighborhoods where customers can come and pick their food.
He says that it would be much easier if people had easier access to their green food and if they could see how it was grown. That would give them an intimate experience with their food, which cannot be found in any other place.

This can change the way we look at and eat food. These people’s aim is to prove that food is about quality over quantity. People would be happier and more at ease if they can watch how the food they will later consume grows.
Indeed, this is the Willy Wonka of agriculture – The Farmery.


Edited by: Crystal Ann and Stefan Trickster