Exam tea party

It is a well-known fact that nowadays you’ll hear millions of students’ stories concerning the difficulties they encounter during their studies, and I have no intention of saying that my story stands out from the rest, but I do hope that the ones meant to hear it, will, and that it will raise awareness to that target group. It’s a small critique of the professors, but also an indicator for illustrating what NOT to do when you are, or you wish to become a part of the academic world, and be an example for your students.

Well, to begin with my story, I was getting ready for this exam for two weeks, I put everything and everyone else aside, and focused just on the subject matter. Then, I went to take the exam and I was happy there were only fifteen students. I said to myself, yay, there won’t be any problems, and it will be impossible for people that intended to cheat to ask me questions (I don’t care if this sounds nerdy, nor if you are one of those students who like to cheat on exams, in my opinion academic dishonesty should be punished severely). Continue reading


Dream-To-Do List

If you asked me to describe myself, I would, without a doubt, say that I am a dreamer. A big one. I dream so much, sometimes it’s ridiculous! I try out new things, go to extraordinary places, make exciting scenarios in my head; sadly, some of which can only happen in a parallel universe… But, hey – if it makes me happy, it makes me happy! I like to keep that childlike part of me, don’t you?

See, when we were little, all we did was dream-out-loud. It was like an essential day-to-day activity, like breathing and eating. It was something we couldn’t do without, and what I miss about those times is the infinite hope, the faith we had that wishes really do come true. And they kind of truly did, in our pretend games. We could be anything, have anything, go anywhere… I, personally wanted to be a princess, but that’s another story. Anyways, it got me thinking… Why does it have to change when we grow up? We don’t have to let go of the things that are basically a part of us, just because we don’t always have the right circumstances to make them come true. Continue reading

March Against Monsanto

Please allow me to explain to you why you should join the hundreds of thousands people worldwide that will march against Monsanto this Saturday (25-5).

This company is the worlds leading company in the patenting of genetically modified organisms, or in other words GMO-foods. What you have to understand is that on the one hand this company is patenting all organic foods this includes all fruits, vegetables and animals (with a genetic twist such as increased growth hormones for faster production) and on the other hand is successfully lobbying to the government to ensure that their products are the only ones allowed on the market. If they are successful then our entire food production worldwide will effectively fall in the hands of Monsanto. This company is run by utter psychopaths who will put profit over people any day of the week and have no problem what so ever to put the psychical well being of billions of people worldwide at risk for their own wicked agendas.

At this point of our scientific understanding we have discovered that while these GMO’s are changing constantly, the ways in which they are changing still remain unknown to us. The risks are therefore severe and immeasurable. People often say we are what we eat, think about that for a second as we simply don’t know in which ways GMO’s are genetically modifying our own genetic structures but we do know that they are changing them. Furthermore it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that GMO-foods are nutrition and mineral deficient and therefore do not support life. Continue reading

Education towards sustainable future

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, humanity acts as if this world is an infinite source of goods. Just imagine, for more than a century, we suck out of the Earth knowing about the dangers of it, with the thought “don’t worry, next generations will handle it!”

Well, we’ve come to a point where every part of the abovementioned statement is put under question. Yes, all of us should worry, just because we are the direct witnesses of frightening climate changes, lack of renewable, clean energy sources, the die out of fossil fuels, lack of waste management and recycling, lack of clean water, etc. And, more importantly, if we keep up like this, we don’t know if next generations will be able to handle it. Will there even be next generations with this pace? Continue reading

Media Brainwash

“Impersonal forces over which we have almost no control seem to be pushing us all in the direction of the Brave New Worldian nightmare; and this impersonal pushing is being consciously accelerated by representatives of commercial and political organizations who have developed a number of new techniques for manipulating, in the interest of some minority, the thoughts and feelings of the masses.”

– Aldous Huxley, Preface to A Brave New World

We live in an era where like it or not, we are constantly surrounded by media. As much as the media has a positive impact on our lives (getting information easily, communicating more easily via phone or internet, finding new ways of entertainment), it has the same amount of negative impact.

As the media’s popularity reached its peak, we see more and more people who cannot think for themselves, but are guided by what the media dictates. Continue reading



~ “There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew.” -Marshall McLuhan Communications theorist, educator, philosopher


22 April – reserved for Earth Day. We would argue – each day in the year is Earth Day. Each day one must take care of their habitat.

903337_152575778247426_1479449393_oSpend less energy and switch off the lights when you don’t need them! Think how each drop of water is precious! Use public transport! Save/HUG/PLANT a tree! Recycle! Reuse/Redo! Think green! Inhabiting these habits will assure you that you are celebrating your only home each moment.

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Think green peeps!

The team

A Short Journey Through Contemporary Pop Culture

In order to go on our short journey through the contemporary or modern pop culture, let us first distinct: what was pop culture back in the day and what is pop culture today?

We can make such distinction quite easily. Start from your own culture! Each culture has its own collection of folklore songs. The folklore or the oral literature was the vox populi or the people’s voice back in the day. We are not mistaken if we claim that a country’s folk tradition is part of the cultural heritage of that country.

Today, we should be aware that although we already have our cultural heritage behind us, we are still crafting our culture. Every generation leaves its mark, leaves little pieces of cultural products behind. Movies, songs, books, monuments, photography – they are all cultural products. Through cultivation which is different from century to century — even from decade to decade – we leave our footprints that we were here on Earth. Furthermore, it’s the future generations that will go through our cultural products and they will be the ones to discuss on what our music, movies, pictures, twits, FB statuses were contemplating on. A hundred or two hundred or five hundred years from now, if a cultural researcher sits down to analyze today’s pop culture, what will that person find amusing?


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