From Sustainable to Smart!

Sustainability was one of the hot topics at the first day of the Challenge:Future Summit 2013. Nadya Zhexembayeva, C:F Vice president reflected on how the world is getting tired of the word itself and that actually something new is going on! From green to smart; are “resourcefulness”, “infinity” or “overfished ocean strategy” to replace “sustainable”? We live amidst remarkable transformation. The linear throw-away economy of today – where we extract the resources, process them, use them barely once, and trash them immediately like a cheap plastic fork – is coming to and end. We are, simply put, running out of things to mine and places to trash. And in the same time a new economy is being born.

A new book is being prepared on this matter in fact! Stay updated on it HERE5820d42decc50b1e8fde05204516fa0d

The world is looking for smart products now! 

For instance this one, a washing machine that works without electricity, that saves times and efforts, that is super fast. Furthermore, the effects are: reduced water pollution and less use of materials.

sustainable washing machine

What are your thoughts on this? Do you know any other super-smart product? Post it in a comment bellow!



Vertical Farms – Challenge

As more and more people move to live in urban centers the food requirements for them grow. Its estimated that by the year of 2050 nearly 80% of the human population will live in urban centers. According to the newest estimates, the populace numbers will rise up to 3 million during this period. Now, to feed the populace with enough food, new land the size of Brazil should to be cultivated (if we presume that farming practices continue as they are practiced today). Today, in the world, around 80% is used of  the land mass suitable for raising crops. How can we prepare for the future and satisfy the food requirements? – One of the best potential solutions is the vertical farming.

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