Creative Reuse Contest

Are you into reuse/redo? Enough creative to turn trash into super-creative decoration? Here is something for ya!

Visit this FB Event and get to be part of Creative Reuse Contest! 

The floor is yours at  Sustainable Man Creative Reuse Contest!

HOW IT WORKS: Take a picture of something YOU’VE creatively reused/repurposed/restyled (with an explanation of what it was/is). Then post that picture right there on the Event Wall. The picture with the most “LIKES” wins a Sustainable Man t-shirt. And even more importantly, all entries will win the satisfaction of knowing they creatively reused something instead of throwing it ‘away’!

Need some ideas? Check out “1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse” from Amazon:

Deadline: November 30, 2013



What does it mean to be a C:F Local Representative?

As a C:F Local Representative your goal is to:

• Inspire participation in C:F Challenges in your school or community

• Create impact through the C:F ideas and projects in your community

• Spread the word about Challenge:Future, tackle youth, society, change and innovation for the future!

You can do so by telling your friends about C:F through different online or offline channels or by creating and managing a C:F group on a local networking site. Ultimately, how you decide to promote C:F is entirely up to you! The C:F Staff is here to support your ideas, to provide you with information and logistic support! Together with the family of other C:F Local Representatives, you will have lots of fun and we will let the world know the present is yours to challenge and the future is yours to imagine! Continue reading