Creative Reuse Contest

Are you into reuse/redo? Enough creative to turn trash into super-creative decoration? Here is something for ya!

Visit this FB Event and get to be part of Creative Reuse Contest! 

The floor is yours at  Sustainable Man Creative Reuse Contest!

HOW IT WORKS: Take a picture of something YOU’VE creatively reused/repurposed/restyled (with an explanation of what it was/is). Then post that picture right there on the Event Wall. The picture with the most “LIKES” wins a Sustainable Man t-shirt. And even more importantly, all entries will win the satisfaction of knowing they creatively reused something instead of throwing it ‘away’!

Need some ideas? Check out “1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse” from Amazon:

Deadline: November 30, 2013


From Sustainable to Smart!

Sustainability was one of the hot topics at the first day of the Challenge:Future Summit 2013. Nadya Zhexembayeva, C:F Vice president reflected on how the world is getting tired of the word itself and that actually something new is going on! From green to smart; are “resourcefulness”, “infinity” or “overfished ocean strategy” to replace “sustainable”? We live amidst remarkable transformation. The linear throw-away economy of today – where we extract the resources, process them, use them barely once, and trash them immediately like a cheap plastic fork – is coming to and end. We are, simply put, running out of things to mine and places to trash. And in the same time a new economy is being born.

A new book is being prepared on this matter in fact! Stay updated on it HERE5820d42decc50b1e8fde05204516fa0d

The world is looking for smart products now! 

For instance this one, a washing machine that works without electricity, that saves times and efforts, that is super fast. Furthermore, the effects are: reduced water pollution and less use of materials.

sustainable washing machine

What are your thoughts on this? Do you know any other super-smart product? Post it in a comment bellow!


Vertical Farms – Challenge

As more and more people move to live in urban centers the food requirements for them grow. Its estimated that by the year of 2050 nearly 80% of the human population will live in urban centers. According to the newest estimates, the populace numbers will rise up to 3 million during this period. Now, to feed the populace with enough food, new land the size of Brazil should to be cultivated (if we presume that farming practices continue as they are practiced today). Today, in the world, around 80% is used of  the land mass suitable for raising crops. How can we prepare for the future and satisfy the food requirements? – One of the best potential solutions is the vertical farming.

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Leap Motion – a new way of interaction

Imagine a future where instead of using a boring computer mouse you could navigate to a web page, browse your favorite photos or even play a game by moving your hands and fingers in a specific way. Good new innovations in technology only come around every few years and even rarer are the innovations that have the power to change how we interact with our devices.

Straight from a science fiction movie aiming to change the way we interact with the computer comes the Leap Motion Controller – ‘a tiny device with a huge idea’. The idea behind it is to use natural hand movements to do actions we would normally do with our mouse or touch pad.

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Exam tea party

It is a well-known fact that nowadays you’ll hear millions of students’ stories concerning the difficulties they encounter during their studies, and I have no intention of saying that my story stands out from the rest, but I do hope that the ones meant to hear it, will, and that it will raise awareness to that target group. It’s a small critique of the professors, but also an indicator for illustrating what NOT to do when you are, or you wish to become a part of the academic world, and be an example for your students.

Well, to begin with my story, I was getting ready for this exam for two weeks, I put everything and everyone else aside, and focused just on the subject matter. Then, I went to take the exam and I was happy there were only fifteen students. I said to myself, yay, there won’t be any problems, and it will be impossible for people that intended to cheat to ask me questions (I don’t care if this sounds nerdy, nor if you are one of those students who like to cheat on exams, in my opinion academic dishonesty should be punished severely). Continue reading

Through the eyes of a child


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I was walking with my mommy the other day, when I saw a large pile of garbage in between two large supermarkets. I asked her: Mom, why is all that garbage there? Haven’t the people working in those supermarkets time to clean it and throw it someplace else? My mom said that was not their job and they are busy with their own problems. I wondered, if that is not their problem, then whose is it? Aren’t those people bothered by the sight and the smell everyday they go to work? And not just them, anyone who passes by that place, doesn’t anybody want to live in a more pleasant environment and not feel the smell of rotting garbage? Continue reading

This is the Willy Wonka of Agriculture – The Farmery!

Do you know that the food we consume must go through a big journey in order to get to the shelves of the stores? What if this entire system can be consolidated into one site?

Ben Greene, the inventor and founder of the Farmery is an example of a man who thinks green! He has a really nice idea that entails sustainable and economical thinking, and that is growing and selling produce on the same site. His aim is to open up Farmeries in urban neighborhoods where customers can come and pick their food.
He says that it would be much easier if people had easier access to their green food and if they could see how it was grown. That would give them an intimate experience with their food, which cannot be found in any other place.

This can change the way we look at and eat food. These people’s aim is to prove that food is about quality over quantity. People would be happier and more at ease if they can watch how the food they will later consume grows.
Indeed, this is the Willy Wonka of agriculture – The Farmery.


Edited by: Crystal Ann and Stefan Trickster