Leap Motion – a new way of interaction

Imagine a future where instead of using a boring computer mouse you could navigate to a web page, browse your favorite photos or even play a game by moving your hands and fingers in a specific way. Good new innovations in technology only come around every few years and even rarer are the innovations that have the power to change how we interact with our devices.

Straight from a science fiction movie aiming to change the way we interact with the computer comes the Leap Motion Controller – ‘a tiny device with a huge idea’. The idea behind it is to use natural hand movements to do actions we would normally do with our mouse or touch pad.

This device is so powerful that it enables the user to interact with the computer in a whole new way. The Leap Motion Controller senses the movements of the hands using two separate cameras and three infra red LEDs which track any movement within 0.2 cubic meters above it, providing accurate and fast feedback on each finger to 0.01 millimeter. With a price of $80 or around 60 Euro it currently is the cheapest and most precise motion controller competing with Microsoft’s Kinect.

Creative people full with ideas and imagination can unlock the full potential of this device. After all your canvas is big as your vision. Painters can draw, sketch and paint with their fingers, sculpt elements with great precision as easily as they would do with clay. They can even use pencils and paintbrushes to put their imagination on the canvas. The Leap Motion Controller also improves gaming by enabling gamers to slice, grab, shoot and pull by only moving their hands and fingers. Many games are already included in the app store. Musicians can use their hands to play a guitar, hit the drum or play just about any instrument they can think of. The best way for you to see how people are using this device is to see it for yourself.

Just to be clear – the Leap Motion Controller is not meant to replace a touch screen or your mouse. Not yet, anyway. Since its brand new, for now the Leap is best suited for creative pursuits, not productivity.

In the end its up to you – the user to decide if you really need this device and if so how would you use it. With affordable price, great precision and large community of developers who create apps and offer support, the Leap Motion Controller is a must-have device for everybody. For more information you can check out the official website leapmotion.com and the blog where you can find out how creative individuals have used the Leap Motion Controller to create something beautiful.

By: gk


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