Exam tea party

It is a well-known fact that nowadays you’ll hear millions of students’ stories concerning the difficulties they encounter during their studies, and I have no intention of saying that my story stands out from the rest, but I do hope that the ones meant to hear it, will, and that it will raise awareness to that target group. It’s a small critique of the professors, but also an indicator for illustrating what NOT to do when you are, or you wish to become a part of the academic world, and be an example for your students.

Well, to begin with my story, I was getting ready for this exam for two weeks, I put everything and everyone else aside, and focused just on the subject matter. Then, I went to take the exam and I was happy there were only fifteen students. I said to myself, yay, there won’t be any problems, and it will be impossible for people that intended to cheat to ask me questions (I don’t care if this sounds nerdy, nor if you are one of those students who like to cheat on exams, in my opinion academic dishonesty should be punished severely). However, the exam started, I took a look at my test, and I was glad I knew the answers to all the questions. The only thing that remained was to answer them. Now, the catch was that there was one question per page or two, so we were supposed to write about five pages. In order to write five pages in two hours, the official duration of the exam, you need concentration. The text you write should have a flow, coherence, especially if you study literature, like me. So, what’s the problem?

The problem is that the professor, the person that should be happy that you enrolled and that you are happy to write an essay for their exam, doesn’t give a s**t about you. But that’s not something that you haven’t heard before, is it? Yeah, the professor’s task is to sit there during the exam and watch if someone cheats, and they will sit during those two hours of silence and everyone will get back to their lives after that, BUT! Some professors are so inconsiderate that they will publicly show you how much they don’t care about you. Not with words, but with actions. That’s what my dear professor did, along with her colleagues. In order for me to be more concise, I will try to revive the moment:

I was answering the first question and I was trying to remember every single detail about it, when suddenly I heard high heels marching into the auditorium. I raised my head and I saw that it was another professor. I said to myself, okay, she came by to watch us, the professors at our university do that on exams. But, I was wrong. The other professor sat next to mine, and they started talking. I looked at them hoping they will realize what they were doing, but that was in vain. I decided not to pay attention to them, and instead write everything that I know, but their giggles and whispers were driving me mad. For a moment I wanted to stand up and ask them if they are aware of what they are doing, in a subtle or not so subtle way, but then I wondered what the outcome of that would be. Either way, I was gonna get the crappy end of the stick. So, I came to terms with the fact that creatures with no consideration whatsoever exist in this world and I continued to write. I was writing for some time, and then another pair of marching heels came into the auditorium. Can you imagine, another professor! At that moment I started to hesitate whether I was taking an exam, or participating in a tea party (luckily it wasn’t the Boston tea party). So we, the students, continued writing while listening to “Uhuhu what a cutie pie; hehehe; skjghksjgh” and so on.

The exam was over, and we all went for a cigarette with our aching hands. Of course, we were all pissed that the professors went on and on during the whole exam. It wasn’t just because of the unstoppable whispering, but because by doing that they proved how much they do NOT respect us as people and students. We laughed at the ancient joke that women in general can’t shut their mouths, but in fact, it was tragic. It is tragic that we as students are supposed to endure that kind of treatment. It’s tragic that if we try to stand up for ourselves we will get in trouble. It is tragic that we don’t have to who to turn to about these kinds of problems. That our professors don’t give a flying f**k about us.

You know the rest.

By: Ann


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