Through the eyes of a child


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I was walking with my mommy the other day, when I saw a large pile of garbage in between two large supermarkets. I asked her: Mom, why is all that garbage there? Haven’t the people working in those supermarkets time to clean it and throw it someplace else? My mom said that was not their job and they are busy with their own problems. I wondered, if that is not their problem, then whose is it? Aren’t those people bothered by the sight and the smell everyday they go to work? And not just them, anyone who passes by that place, doesn’t anybody want to live in a more pleasant environment and not feel the smell of rotting garbage? Questions started overflowing in my mind: where does all the garbage go? We throw it in the bin at home, and that goes to a container, the garbage people take it and drive it in a place where all the garbage goes. But what happens with that garbage? Does it just stay there and stink? What will happen when there is no room for more garbage? Will the garbage people find another place to dump it? And who is in charge of finding that place? What will happen when all those places are filled with garbage? Will people not be allowed to create garbage anymore? How will we survive like that? Or will it be allowed for us to dump garbage anywhere we want to because there will be no place else to throw it? How will we live like that? I don’t want to live in a smelly and dirty environment. I am scared. What will become of us if all this is true? I want to ask my mom, but she is too busy with her everyday chores and doesn’t have time to answer my foolish questions…

By: Ann


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