WANDERLUST #1 – Wanderlust starts in beautiful Bled, Slovenia

Wanderlust! It’s a beautiful word. It describes the strong desire to travel. It describes the man consumed by lust for wandering on this beautiful planet. Symbolically, today we are leaving our safe harbors and we are starting our journey from a very C:F important place – Bled, Slovenia.


Bled, it’s situated just one hour drive from the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. It’s the home of around 5.000 people and is all along a popular tourists’ destination. It’s a small place just under the Alpine mountains and it will surely capture your heart!

Bled attracts the hearts of many tourists as it is known for the glacial Lake Bled. Perched on a rock and overlooking the lake is the stunning Bled Castle. And in the midst of the lake, you can see a small beautiful island, the home to Assumption of Marry Pilgrimage Church. If you visit the island, you may enter the church and just ring the bells for good luck! The district around Bled is also important and attractive as it offers a wide range of sport activities. It is a starting point for mountain treks and hikes and it also borders with the Triglav National Park.

bled castle2

Why Bled is important place for C:F?

Bled was also the host place of the first and the second Challenge:Future Summit editions in 2010 and 2012 respectively.


Bled proved to be the perfect place to host such an inspiring group of people! Young talents and youth leaders coming from more than 30 countries worldwide were part of this amazing event. Within the activities of the summit, the attendees had the chance to be part of few events : C:F Academy, C:F Educational Forum, C:F Business Forum, C:F Gala Event and TEDxBled.

Venues: Bled School of Management, City Festival Hall in Bled, Grand Hotel Toplice.

The 2013 edition of the summit will take place in Bled, Ljubljana and Maribor.

Between breaks, as participants we had the chance to wander a bit around Bled and to experience Bled in early spring. On a occasion we jumped into the pletna boat and visited the Bled Island. Of course, we did ring the bells for good luck!

527896_35821ivan bled

And what’s the taste of Bled? It tastes like vanilla and cream pastry  or in Slovene: kremšnita, kremna rezina)!

Heaven for travellers! Magical in each minute of the day!

bled twilight

By night, we had our vod.a treat, or some of us took borovničke!


Finally, here is a nice selection of photos to enjoy! Cheers and have a wonderful week!



bled castle


part of cf youth

By: Stefan Trickster 


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